Rug Shaving Services

Restore Vibrancy

Rugs with sun damage have changed rug pile colour. The good news is that only the top of the pile is affected. The remaining length of the pile still has it’s original vibrant colour underneath. Shaving the damaged pile will restore your rug and renew it’s natural beauty.

Reduce Pile

Shaving services will reduce rug pile and make your rug thinner. The process revives your rug’s design and restores the rug shape. This helps even out rug pile and gives your rug an uniform and pleasant style.

Reduce Fuzz

Older rugs tend to get fuzzy from pile tips fraying. This is especially common with natural wool rugs. To reduce fuzz and pile shedding, shaving the pile is necessary. It will revive the look of your rug and control pile shedding.