Rug Moth Proofing

Professional Rug Moth Treatment Services In Toronto

We’ve noticed an alarming increase in moth infestations in Oriental rugs and Persian area rugs in Toronto. in recent years. A moth infestation can occur without your knowing and must be treated right away. At Master Carpet Cleaning we repair rugs eaten my moths and provide treatment to get rid of moth eggs. Afterwards, we can apply a moth repellent to prevent future pest problems. Treatment should be applied once every five years for frequently used rugs. For your stored rugs, the treatment should be applied every year. This treatment is also good for preventing other pests like silverfish and carpet beetles from destroying your area rug.

How do moths find your rug in the first place? Moths are attracted to natural fiber rugs. It’s a source of food keratin protein for them. They then lay their eggs and slowly start their infestation without you noticing. The larvae love wool rugs, silk rugs and cotton rugs. To prevent a moth infestation, annual rug cleaning is essential because they are attracted to soiling in darker areas. Underpad can prevent moths by ensuring there are no air pockets under your rug for them to breed.

After your area rug has moth treatment, you’ll need area rug repairs. Reknotting and reweaving the rug pile is a lengthy process that needs to be done with expertise and by hand. Additionally, the original rug design and the pile yarn has to be matched. If your rug is aged, the pile may have faded and it will be difficult to match the colours exactly. Other repair methods include rug resizing and rug patching. To help you decide, Master Carpet will guide you through the stages of each process.