Yorkville Rug Cleaning

Yorkville Rug Cleaning


We have resumed our normal operating hours.


Drop off at 1111 Finch Ave West Unit 15 Toronto AND SAVE 50%

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We have resumed our normal operating hours.

Full service rug cleaning

With pick up and drop off is available


We have resumed our normal operating hours.

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays by appointment only.

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Need a reliable rug cleaning service? We’re happy to deliver excellent rug cleaning service to midtown Toronto for over 30 years. Yorkville has had thousands of rug pickup and delivery from our company. Now more than ever, this rug pickup and rug delivery saves you time in your busy schedule. Just schedule a time that fits and we’ll be happy to accommodate you. At Master Carpet we’re always here to help you with your rug cleaning.

Full Service Rug Cleaning For Midtown

Master Carpet has been cleaning your rugs since 1989. We’ve served Yorkville, Toronto and the GTA with excellent rug cleaning services for over 30 years. Today we offer you time saving rug pickup and rug delivery services. Do you have free time? If you do, you can take the opportunity to drop off your rugs at our open facility. Our staff can answer all your rug questions in person.

For your convenience, our rug cleaning facility is open 6 days a week. Monday to Friday we are open from 9 am to 6 pm. Saturdays we are open from 9 am to 4 pm.

Do you have allergy or asthma concerns? We use safe eco-friendly rug cleaning products to give your rugs a deep but gentle clean. Safe environmentally friendly rug cleaning is ideal for your family, pets, plants, the elderly, young children, babies and you. Rug cleaning should never use harmful chemicals that cause inhalation of noxious chemicals long after cleaning. Try Yorkville’s top eco-friendly rug cleaning!

Proven Rug Cleaning Technology

Get all your rug cleaning done right with modern rug cleaning equipment and proven rug cleaning methods.

Your rug cleaning process starts assessing your rug to see if it needs special care. For example, some antique rugs need special care given the age of the material. Next, your rug is gently washed with our eco-friendly rug cleaning solutions. Afterwards the rug is rinsed thoroughly and then the water and remaining dirt is removed with our central rug cleaning wringer. All rugs go through cleaning even before stain treatment. This helps to maintain the cleanliness of our facility.

Our rug cleaning process is gentle and effective at removing dirt and water. The rugs are then placed in a drying room. Once completely dry, your rug is carefully rolled with a paper layer and secured with ties.  If you visit our rug cleaning facility you’ll get a firsthand look at our rug cleaning process.

Other methods such as a rug washing centrifuge are not ideal and too abrasive. They end up removing, rug pile, cause breakage and noticeably thinning patches on your rug. Other methods can cause fading and bleeding by oversoaking the rug materials. This is what can happen at inexperienced rug cleaning companies. Experience the number one rug cleaning in Yorkville!

Reliable Rug Restoration

Your prized rugs should only receive expert treatment, right? Look no further than Master Carpet for all your rug cleaning care. We are highly knowledgeable in all types of rug repair. Our skilled technicians provide you rug stretching, rug resizing, pile repair and custom made rugs. These services take time and care. It’s never a hasty process to get your rug repair done right!

Repairing rug pile takes steady hands and patience to ensure that the knots are sturdy and resistant to mechanical stress. We take the time to match your rug’s yarn colours and materials.

Your rug repair is done on site with modern professional rug repair equipment. If your rug has been sun damaged, we can give it attentive rug shearing. This process carefully removes the damaged top layer of pile to reveal the unbleached darker length of pile. This thins your rug so it needs to be done carefully and thoughtfully. Your rug will look brand new after our expert rug shearing!

Your rug needs protection? Then we have the right services for you. Rug Microseal and scotchgard repel spills, stains and dirt, from your rug. Moths proofing treatment will stop these pests from eating your rug fibers and costing you in repairs. Rug stains and damages happen, but they don’t have to be permanent. Bring your rugs to us for repair and we’ll make them are good as new with our rug restoration expertise. Try out Yorkville’s top rug repair and rug restoration services!


I had 2 area rugs to be cleaned, 6 x 9 & 6.10×8.96, both wool the larger rug was a vintage rug, I called Elte because that is where they were purchased from 10 years ago. I just asked who they used for their rugs, because they will not recommend anyone, They told me Master…

Joyce Popovich