Wool Tapestry Cleaning Toronto

Wool Tapestry Cleaning Services In Toronto

The best Tapestry cleaning services in Toronto and GTA

Wool Tapestry Cleaning Tapestries are great rugs for adorning your walls. They have a beautiful ascetic purpose for decorating a room. They come in many designs and typically are rectangular in shape. Wool tapestries can also be used to dampen sound in echoes rooms and in places such as hallways and stairs. Extra care needs to be taken so that your wool tapestry is mounted properly so that it won’t get damaged overtime.

Tapestry Maintenance

Tapestries will hang for long periods of time on walls. Overtime dust and dirt will settle into the wool tapestry. This can cause shading in different section of the tapestry and overall darken the rug. Wool is a thick material and needs to be thoroughly cleaned to get the trapped dirt out of its pile. Master Carpet is experienced with cleaned wool tapestries in Toronto and the GTA. Our professional rug cleaning methods will renew the colours and material of your wool tapestry.