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We have resumed our normal operating hours.

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Vaughan is a beautiful region in the GTA that hosts some of the best shopping and attractions. It’s also one of best customer locations for rug cleaning and rug restorations services. We clean all your rugs whether they are oriental rugs, Persian rugs, Turkish rugs, prayer rugs, area rugs, silk rugs, handmade rugs, wool rugs, synthetic rugs, antique rugs and more.

Do you have rug cleaning question? Call us to get answers for all your rug questions with our top knowledge and rug expertise. We care about excellent customer care and communication. Part of our specialty rug cleaning is for ELTE – The largest import of fine handmade rugs in Toronto. Do you have silk rugs? Bring them to us. We are the only rug cleaning facility that specializes in bamboo and banana silk rug cleaning. Your silk rugs need expert handling and care to clean and maintain the fine silk rug fibers.

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We Serve Toronto, Vaughan and The Entire GTA

We made it our mission to provide you essential rug cleaning and restoration services in Toronto, Vaughan and the entire GTA. Is your schedule busy? No problem. We offer rug pickup and delivery to your home. This helps accommodate your busy schedule and makes your rug cleaning experience easy. If you do have time to drop off your rug, our facility is open 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday from 9 to 4 pm.We’re available by phone to answer all your rug cleaning questions and concerns. We’re the top rug cleaning service in Toronto and the GTA for a reason!

Master Carpet protects Toronto’s environment with eco-friendly rug cleaning products. These rug solutions are safe for your family, pets, babies, the elderly, people with allergies, children, plants and you. It just doesn’t make sense to clean with harmful chemicals when eco-friendly rug cleaning is here to provide healthy and safe rug cleaning. It’s out mission to help support the environment for the next generation.

Innovative Rug Technology

You wouldn’t use an old hand method for doing laundry. Why would you keep to lengthy methods for cleaning rugs? Your professional rug cleaning can’t get done without the right rug cleaning technology. New technology has allowed us to do fantastic deep cleaning for your rugs, why still preserving texture, rug fibers and patterns. We use only the best methods to remove dirt that is stuck at the base of your rug material, that even vacuums can’t remove.

Once your rug is washed with eco-friendly solutions, we pass it through central rug wringer. Your rug is placed between two heavy duty rollers in the direction of the rug pile to prevent breakage. Your rug is rinsed once more before the excess water and dirt is gently squeezed out from the heavy rollers. Afterwards the rug gets put into a temperature controlled drying room. Once dry, your rug is rolled and ready for pick up.

Do you need rug repairs? The other equipment we have at our facility is dedicated for rug repair. We have a variety of stations equipped with tools and machines for: rug serging, fringe repair, pile dyeing, re-knotting pile, rug shearing, rug stretching, rug resizing, custom rug making, moth rug repair, dry rot rug repair, sun damage repair and more. We have the best equipment to get your rug restoration done right. We provide the best rug repair in Vaughan and the GTA!

Reliable Rug Cleaning and Restoration Service

When you need rug repairs, you need the experts. Master Carpet offers you a variety of rug repair and restoration services including rug stretching, rug shearing, pile restoration, custom sized rugs and more. All services are done with professional care from well experienced rug restoration techniques and practice. We use traditional rug restoration methods as well as modern rug restoration to get your rug looking like new in no time.

Your rug repair takes time and effort. It can’t be rushed and requires attention to detail. Take rug pile restoration, the missing sections of pile need to be hand-knotted back into the rug framework. The knots have to be strong so the pile won’t come loose again. Additionally, rug patterns and colours need to be matched carefully so the previous damage isn’t visible. Try out Vaughan’s best rug repair!

Do you need rug underpad? We have a nice variety of rug underpads for sale. Rug underpad available includes padding that will help keep your rug in place, withstand mechanical pressure and even prevent air pockets where certain rug pests like to live. We take care in ensuring you have the correct rug underpad because details like floor material matters. For example, wood floors can be damaged with exposure to UV light and the wrong type of underpad. We’ll make sure you get the correct underpad!

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I had 2 area rugs to be cleaned, 6 x 9 & 6.10×8.96, both wool the larger rug was a vintage rug, I called Elte because that is where they were purchased from 10 years ago. I just asked who they used for their rugs, because they will not recommend anyone, They told me Master…

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