Turkish Wool Rug Cleaning Toronto

Turkish Wool Rug Cleaning Services In Toronto

We will pick up your Turkish wool rug anywhere in Toronto or GTA and deliver it after cleaning.

Turkish Wool Rug Cleaning The design features of Turkish wool rugs distinguish them from other types of rugs. These rugs typically use symmetric knotting techniques when weaving pile. A Turkish wool rug will have symmetric geometric patterns depicting nature themes. These rugs also tend to have a deep colour palette dominated by red and blues. They will also use pile that has been dyed green, yellow and white.

Remove All the Trapped Dirt

Wool is pile makes a rug thick and plush. It also tends to attract dirt at the base of the rug. This can attract unwanted pests such as dust mites. Master Carpet thoroughly cleans Turkish carpets to remove all the trapped dirt. This prevents pests and molds and removing any bacteria and odors. Master Carpets provides rug pickup and delivery for customers in Toronto and the GTA.