Silk Tapestry Cleaning

The best tapestry cleaning services in Toronto

Tapestries can be decorative or functional as insulation. In older times they were used to depict and commemorate historical events. In modern times they are used to stylize a room or cut echo. They come in all sorts of colours and can be custom made for a room. Silk tapestries are light weight which makes them ideal to hang on walls for extended periods of time.

Hanging tapestries

You want to hang your tapestry so it can rest on your wall without being damaged overtime. There are a number of methods to prevent the rug from warping. It’s important that the tapestry is away from direct sunlight. Ultraviolet light can cause silk fibers to fade overtime. Additionally, silk tapestries should not be placed under vents. This will dry out the fibers and cause more dust to accumulate overtime.


Cleaning a tapestry

Your silk tapestry should be cleaned annually with a professional rug cleaning company. Silk rugs need special care when they are cleaned. Tapestries can be passed down over generations and need careful attention to maintain them. Proper rug cleaning can prevent the accumulation of dust mites and other pests as well.


A short history about tapestries

Tapestries have been manufactured since ancient times. Their original purpose was to adorn plain stone walls to insulate and serve as art. They have been made in many countries originating in Egypt and spreading to England and other areas. They became popular during medieval times among nobility and religious groups. Tapestries can be hand-woven on a loom or stitched onto a large piece of fabric.