Silk Rug Cleaning Services

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Silk rugs made from silk material can come from plant based or insect sources. Many people are usually aware of moth sources for silk and are surprised to learn that there is are two plant sources: bamboo and banana silk. This silk material is valuable and popular because of its rich sheen, it’s natural source and the fine workmanship it takes to produce a silk rug. Silk rugs have a soft texture, are light weight and are a very fine material.

We will pick up your silk rug anywhere in Toronto or GTA

Silk rugs need special cleaning and care. You can’t go to just any cleaning plant. In fact, were the only rug cleaning facility that specializes in bamboo and banana silk rug cleaning. We also provide stain treatment for this type of rug when required. Cleaning your silk rug will renew it’s pile colour to their natural vibrant sheen and luster.