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Sari Silk Rugs

Rugs made from sari silk material are uniquely vibrant in colour. These are made from recycled sari clothing. It’s a lovely way to reuse the silk fabric. They also possess a brilliant seen unique to this rug type. The multicolor blend of fibers is exclusive to this rug type. Designs usually incorporate blocks of colour and mixed fiber into the pattern. They truly make an unique decorative rug piece to have in your home. Since this is silk, sari rugs require special cleaning and care to maintain them. Master Carpet specialize in all silk rug cleaning services.

A short history

Sari rugs can be made from recycled sari clothing. These clothes are famously known for their vibrant colours and soft silk material. The silk can come from a number of sources but is typically plant based. Sources include banana silk, bamboo silk and moth silk. The dyes used to colour the material are used to produce a brilliant colours and patterns. The benefit of sari silk rugs I that the silk material doesn’t need to be dyed before weaving it into the rug framework.

Cleaning your Sari rug

When sarees are recycled to make silk rugs the rug requires special care for cleaning. The material is delicate and the rug needs professional cleaning. Our special procedures use soft cleaning solutions and large amount of clean water. Our company will ensure that your sari rug will receive special attention to prevent any unwanted damage. Your rug won’t bleed, fade or warp because it will be handled by the professionals. Your sari rug will be cleaned with excellence and the fibers will be renewed with bright and beautiful colours.


Unique design

Silk sari rugs can stylize a room in ways traditional rugs can’t. There are a number of ways they can do this:
-The vibrant colours can create a livelier space especially in room with low lighting.
-The rugs can use shades of one colour instead of one solid block of colouring.
-Silk sari rugs have unique patterns and are one of a kind.

-Sari rugs brighten your home and bring in good energy