Rug Underpad Sale


Rug underpads can protect and extend the life of your rug. These pads have multiple purposes including: preventing your rug from slipping out of place, protect your rug from hard floors or rough floors, they add cushioning to offset mechanical pressure, prevent liquids from absorbing into carpet fibers, prevent bacteria from growing, make vacuuming easier, prevent pests such as moths and prevent wearing of the rug materials.

Underpads come in all sizes to fit your rug and can be customized to fit rugs of unique shapes. The professionals at Master Carpet Cleaning have a variety of underpads in stock and can advise your on choosing the right one for your rug needs. The selection depends on where your rug is located, the amount of foot traffic your rug receives on a daily basis, what material the floor is made out of and features you are looking for. We’ll be happy to point your in the right direction for all your rug care needs.