Rug Stain Removal


Let the professionals at Master Carpet Cleaning remove the memory of the stain on your carpet.

Your rugs and carpets are hard working in your home. Heavy foot traffic, pets, rust, ink, mold, drinks, food, muddy shoes and even cosmetics can all leave stains which ruin the look and cleanliness of carpet and rug. Rather than waste time on home remedies or taking a chance on expensive supermarket stain removers, you can rely on a professional stain removal services from Toronto’s most professional and experienced rug & carpet clean, repair and restoration company. When removing any spot or stains our expert cleaners use high grade stain removals and equipment which will have your carpet looking brand new in no time.

At Master Carpet Cleaning we understand that life happens to the rugs we love. You don’t have to buy a new rug or strategically place furniture to cover a stain – instead let us concentrate on removing stains and you can get on with enjoying your home. A professional carpet spot removal service can also be combined with a full carpet steam or dry cleaning service to ensure all your carpets are clean, fresh and well presented.


Don’t panic over a stain, call Master Carpet Cleaning on (416) 477-2050 and we’ll get your rug or carpet restored in no time!