Rug Stain Removal


Do you need the rug stain removal experts? Look no further. Master carpet offers expert rug stain removal and rug spot removal for Toronto and the GTA. We clean rug stains of all types including coffee stains, cat pee stains, dog poop stains, vomit, dog pee stains, wine stains, pop stains, berry stains, lip stick stains, makeup stains, food grease stains, rust stains and more. Master Carpet knows that accidents happen to your rug and we’ve got you covered. Let the professionals at Master Carpet Cleaning remove the memory of the stain on your carpet!

We clean stains and spots from all types of rugs including wool rugs, Persian rugs, Oriental rugs, Turkish rugs, Indian rugs, residential rugs, wool rugs, rug tapestries, silk rugs and more. Whether you need rug spot cleaning or complete rug stain removal, you can trust the rug stain removal experts at Master Carpet. With over 3 decades of business we’ve restored thousands of rugs with are rug stain removal techniques.


Don’t panic when a stain happens, call Master Carpet Cleaning on (416) 477-2050 and we’ll get your rug or carpet restored in no time!

When removing any spot or stains our expert cleaners use high grade stain removals and equipment to make your rug look brand new in no time. We take time to inspect the details such as the type of rug material, the age of the stain and the extent of the stain. Your rugs are washed before stain treatment to remove any interfering residues and to maintain the cleanliness of our facility.

We understand that life happens to the rugs we love. You don’t have to buy a new rug or strategically place furniture to cover a stain – instead place your rugs in our care. We’ll remove your rug stains, so you can enjoy your rugs once again at home.