Rug Stain Protector

For Rugs

Get the best in rug protection when you use MicroSeal. This nanotechnology provides several types of protection including: waterproofing, stain proofing, UV sunlight protection, mildew protection, static protection, strengthen the rug fibers against wear and abrasion and is also flame resistance. The MicroSeal formula provides all these features by penetrating and encapsulating the rug fibers. It does all this without compromising the texture, colours and overall feel of the rug.

MicroSeal was first developed by in England to protect Oriental Wool Rugs. The initial idea was to imitate the natural protection of sheep wool. It was then developed to efficiently protect all types of rugs and many natural and synthetic materials. Today it’s used in commercial airlines, drapes, carpets, patio furniture and more.

The MicroSeal formula is eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-allergenic and biodegradable. It doesn’t produce any harmful airborne chemicals into your home environment. Rug MicroSeal useful against all types of beverage spill and food stains. It guards against oil-based stains as well as water-based stains. It also makes your annual rug cleaning fast and efficient because soils, dirt and dust do not stick to the fibers. The only material this formula can’t be used on is vinyl.

Give your rug the protection it needs today!