Area Rug & Carpet Cleaning Services

Do your need professional rug cleaning? We provide you the best professional and reliable area rug and carpet cleaning in Toronto and the GTA. Since establishing in 1989, we’ve cleaned well over hundreds of thousands of area rugs of all makes, sizes, ages and materials. We’ve also treated rug stains of all different liquids and sources. Our seasoned rug experts know rug materials and cleaning to assist you in all your rug care needs. Master Carpet is a full service rug cleaning and rug restoration business for Toronto and the GTA.

Do you have rug cleaning questions? Contact us today and we’ll gladly get your rug on track for the finest rug services Toronto has to offer. Aside from rug cleaning, we offer you rug restoration and rug repair services. We have services for any rug type including antique rugs, wool, rugs, Persian rugs, area rugs, oriental rugs, commercial rugs and more. All your rug repair is done using top rug equipment and the best in traditional rug restoration techniques. This ensures that all your services are done with the best craftsmanship and the work is done right the first time around.

Eco-friendly rug cleaning products

Our company’s mission is to provide Toronto the best eco-friendly rug cleaning, using professional  products, to give your rugs a deep but gentle clean. Harsh or strong cleaning products don’t necessarily mean better rug clean. These can contain chemicals that damage the rug fibers by bleaching or stripping the material of moisture. Additionally, this can be harmful to your health. Master Carpet cares about you and your rugs and we’re committed to eco-friendly rug products that nourish and replenish rug fibers. This is how we deliver you the best in professional rug cleaning excellence in Toronto!

We use natural base soap for cleaning all your rugs. This formula comes with many years of experience in area rug cleaning and the results are fabulous! After cleaning with our special rug cleaning formula, we use a special softener product to rinse your rugs and get rid of remaining soap residue. If soap stays on your rug, the surface will be very hard. These softeners help your rug fibers maintain their natural oils and softness. More importantly this step keeps your rug fibers from becoming brittle and breaking.

This process is like washing your hands without rinsing the soap off properly. And not using hand cream to prevent your skin from becoming dry. Washing, rinsing and applying hand cream will keep your hands soft and gentle.

Experience & Expertise Matters

Master Carpet Cleaning has been in the business for over 30 years. This gives us the best experience for every type of rug care you need. If you have a delicate antique rug or an aged rug, we have special rug cleaning process to ensure that your rug gets cleaned without damages. We also know the best professional techniques for your rug stain care treatment.

We know how to handle your handmade natural fiber Oriental rugs without damaging the dye or causing thinning of the rug pile. Do you need silk rug cleaning? We are the only rug facility in Toronto that specializes in silk rug cleaning care. Whether it’s your bamboo silk rug or your banana silk rug, we know the excellent way to clean it. We also clean wool rugs, kilim rugs, cotton rugs and more.

Try out our professional rug cleaning today and give your rugs the special treatment!