Having a pet is great! However, at some point you will have to deal with dog pee, dog poop, and pet vomit on your rug. When it comes to rug pet stain removal, we know general cleaning measures are not enough. Dog urine and dog poop is more concentrated and can have smelly hormones. Female cat urine is especially hard to get rid of during mating season because of pet hormones. General pet odors build up in your rug over years because of things like pet dander, pet fur and dog drool. Puppies may pee on your rug when they are learning toilet training. We offer the best dog pee rug removal in Toronto and the GTA.

Are you wondering how to remove pet odor from your rug? Have no fear! We offer you our essential “Pet Urine Rug Extraction Service” to remove any pet odors in your rug. This is for all rugs including wool rugs, synthetic rugs, silk rugs and more. We start by neutralizing the pet odor. Then we use rug cleaning to treat any pet rug stains. For best result, we recommend you bring your rug in right away. Aged stains can set because they have had time to soak into your rug fibers.

The fluffier your pet (the cuter they are) and the more fur and dander they will shed. Rug odor can come from pet dander. Your pet sheds and has their own natural oils that keep their fur soft. This breaks down and can attract bacteria in your rug. Pet dander can be easily removed with our deep rug cleaning services. Otherwise a good way to manage pet odor is to keep up with regular grooming for your pet.

Odor Removal Process

Dog pee and cat pee rug removal is done at our rug cleaning facility. Our first step is to identify the rug stain and rug odor. Cat pee or other pet odors need special rug treatment to eliminate them. Next, the affected area of the rug is treated with our oxygen based eco-friendly rug cleaning detergent. This is a safe rug cleaning solution for cats and dogs. The rug area is gently rinsed and your rug is then cleaned and dried. Your rug gets inspected once more to see if it needs more pet odor removal applied.

Wondering about successful rug pet stain removal? Fresh pet rug stains are more successful when to rug stain removal. Older pet urine stains have set too long in your rug and may have fully penetrated the fibers. While most rug stains and rug odors can be removed, some require advanced technical skill and expert cleaning solutions. It depends on how extreme the stain is, what material your rug is made of and if your pet peed in the same spot multiple times.

We use only the leading rug cleaning solutions and products the industry has on the market. This ensures that your rug gets the best treatment when it comes to tough pet stains. This prevents any potential rug damaging during the treatment process. At Master Carpet Cleaning, we maintain the quality of your rugs to keep them looking their finest.


“If we can’t get it out, no one can.” We come fully prepared with the best tools and products to remove virtually any rug stain and rug odor. Additionally, our technicians can prepare an on-site evaluation for any rug stains and provide a no-obligation estimate. Just let us knowing what kind of rug stain and if you know the rug material.



Call us today to get your rugs clean. Whether it is a rug cleaning emergency, regular rug cleaning, or rug odor removal, we gladly extend our support. We can schedule a rug pick up that suits your busy schedule and answer any of your rug care questions.