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Persian Wool Rug Cleaning Services In Toronto

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Persian Wool Rug Cleaning

Wool rugs are perfect for living rooms and dining rooms. The floral curvilinear patterns on Persian wool rugs with add elegance and design to your home. It also makes it easy to organize furniture such as a dining room table and chair, in a pleasing symmetrical fashion. Persian wool rugs are known for their deep colours such as vibrant reds and navy blues. They also commonly use gold and green pile colours as well. These rich colours provide warmth for your Persian wool rug.

Colours need extra care

The rich colours in Persian wool rugs need extra care when they are being cleaned. Master Carpet uses careful methods to ensure that your Persian rug won’t be damaged by bleeding or fading of rug dyes. Our rug cleaning methods thoroughly clean your rugs and remove any trapped dirt at the base of your rug material. This needs special care to thoroughly remove the dust, dirt and other potential allergens. Wool is highly absorbent and becomes heavy when it is being cleaned. We a lot of experience with Persian wool rugs and have cleaned thousands of these in Toronto and the GTA.