Persian Silk Rug Cleaning

Persian Silk Rug Cleaning Toronto

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Persian Silk Rugs

These types of rugs have been hand knotted in the area of Iran and are also known as oriental rugs. These rugs incorporate elements of nature or floral design (curvilinear) and are symmetric. They use deep rich colours such as vibrant reds, gold thread and navy blue. These fine rugs are handcrafted with care that requires time and expertise. This makes them a truly exquisite piece to incorporate into your home’s interior décor.


Rug design

Persian rugs use a basic template for their design. The central area usually depicts a circular or oval medallion. Surrounding this area is a main field. This is enclosed by a rectangular dark inner border. Following this area is the main border which contains a pattern. Finally enclosing the entire piece, is a dark outer border. This design is great for organizing furniture items such as couches, armchairs, coffee tables and ottoman chairs. It helps create lovely symmetry in your home.


Underpads and your rug

Getting the correct under pad can greatly increase the lifespan of your rug. There are a variety of underpads to choose from based on the location of your rug. Silk rugs require a thin underpad to reduce friction from the floor. The underpad should also off-set mechanical stress from foot traffic and should keep your rug into place. Furniture should not be place on your silk rug because of the delicate material. The weight of the furniture creates friction that will damage the silk rug pile.


The benefits of silk

Silk is a natural material that doesn’t release fibers into the air. This makes it a good alternative to wool and synthetic rugs if you have allergies. In addition, silk has a shiny luster you can’t get from other rugs. With that and its brilliant colours, a silk rug can really light up a room. Silk has a nice soft texture which has a feel nice on the feet as well. Silk rugs need careful craftmanship and for this reason they fetch a high price. Place this rug in a home office or a room that is less frequently used where there is less foot traffic.