Persian Rug Cleaning

Persian rugs are originally handcrafted in Iran and its surrounding areas. Traditional Persian rugs were made with hand-knotted wool fibers because they retain rich dyes nicely such as vibrant red and navy blue. These colours give a signature look to Persian rugs along with gold and green patterns. Persian rugs are usually adorned with beige coloured fringes to complete the rug style.

Persian rugs are recognizable by their medallion center, made from one block of colour, surrounded by a floral curvilinear pattern. Symmetric rug patterns are also a key feature but some rugs have an asymmetry design. Persian rugs are designed to arrange furniture and are a popular item to have in your living room or office space.

Persian rug cleaning needs to be done by expert rug cleaners to ensure that no fading or bleeding of the rich dyes occurs. Master Carpet knows expert Persian rug cleaning methods to ensure your rug gets the deep clean it needs without having you worry about any damages. We use non-abrasive rug drying methods in our drying room to ensure rug fibers don’t wear out prematurely.