Permanent Stain Protection

Permanent Eco-Friendly Fabric Stain Protector by MicroSeal

When the wool fibre is sheared from the sheep, the natural protective oils are no longer produced. MicroSeal was specifically designed in England to permanently replenish the natural protective agent that a sheep produces for its own coat. MicroSeal provides to same protection with the additional benefit that it’s permanent. Microseal can be applied to any surface or fabric.


MicroSeal protector work by repelling all liquids from milk to wine to oil. After MicroSeal is applied it repels liquid and blocks stain absorption into the fabric. MicroSeal is the only fabric protector that is permanent without changing the feel or look of the material. With this additional benefit it will protect the fabric from fading due to UV light exposure from the sun.


Give your rug the best stain and wear protection with MicroSeal which was originally made for Wool Rugs. It can be applied to new rug or after cleaning.


Microseal can give your favorite furniture extra protection against accidental spills, pet accidents and against color fading by UV light.


Modern leather cleaners conditioners will not protect against color fading caused by UV light. MicroSeal is the only permanent stain and UV light blocker.


MicroSeal can give any fabric, including curtains, permanent stain and UV light protection that will not diminish with time or after cleaning.


Master Carpet Cleaning is MicroSeal treatment provider in the GTA. If you wish to have your furniture and or carpets protected with MicroSeal, Contact Us for more details.