Oriental Wool Rug Cleaning Toronto

Oriental Wool Rug Cleaning Toronto

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Oriental Wool Rug Cleaning

Wool is a wonderful texture to have with your Oriental rug. The plush pile material provides comfort by providing a layer between your feet and cold hard floors. The soft texture brings comfort and reduced excess noise in your environment. Wool is naturally resilience because of the lanolin oil in the fibers that is naturally secreted by sheep. Oriental wool rugs are known to be made in places such as Asia, Iran, China, India and Tibet. These wool rugs are dyed with a rich colour palette around geometric or floral patterns. The wool material dyes nicely to give brilliant tone of red, blue and green.

Special care

Wool needs careful cleaning with wool safe certified products. Its thick rug fiber will trap dirt and dust deep down at the base of the rug material. This can attract pests such as dust mites and thus cause allergy symptoms. Master Carpet’s cleaning methods have been used to thoroughly clean thousands of wool rugs in Toronto and the GTA. Your wool rug will not only feel clean, but will be returned to you with renewed brilliant colours when you clean your rug with us.