Oriental Silk Rug Cleaning

Oriental Silk Rug Cleaning Toronto

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Oriental silk rugs

Oriental silk rugs are rugs that have been hand-knotted and fabricated in the areas of Asia, Iran, China, India, Russia, Turkey, Pakistan, Tibet and Nepal. These types of rugs have been handwoven using silk material for the pile. Typical symmetric patterns incorporate geometric (rectilinear) or floral shapes (curvilinear). Oriental rugs can be distinguished immediately by their patterns and unique workmanship.


Maintaining your rug

Caring for your rug means proper maintenance. There are simple steps for it. Weekly vacuuming can remove dirt, dust and hair from your rug. This prevents soils from getting deep within the fiber and settling at the base of the rug. Weekly vacuuming also prevents dust mites, allergies and other pests from accumulating in your rug fibers. Spills should be cleaned up immediately by dabbing the area edges of the liquid with a paper towel. MicroSeal protection can prevent permanent stains and make your rug resistant to wearing. Overall, rugs should be cleaned once a year by a professional rug cleaning service.


Seeking a professional oriental rug cleaner

Low prices are a small part of finding a good rug cleaning company in Toronto. You have to be selective and look for quality rug care. Otherwise you’ll risk damaging your rug from improper rug cleaning processes. Our company uses soft cleaning detergent for your rug. We use large amount of clean water for rinsing rugs as well. We take care to clean with the direction of the rug pile in order to prevent thinning or mechanical damage of your rug material.


Taking care of the details

Our professional rug cleaners pay attention to the cleaning details your rug requires. This ensures that the stains will come out of your rug. In addition, we pay special attention to rug fringes, pile direction and minimize mechanical stress on your rug during cleaning. If your rug has fringes we take the time to clean these are well. Other rug cleaning facilities may skip this step and the fringes will remain dirty with dust mites and other soils. Uncleaned fringes will show visible soiling over time.