Oriental Rug Cleaning

Rugs of the orient are distinctive in their style and elegance. These rugs are popular style today and have been around for hundreds of years. Oriental rugs come from several countries including India, Iran, Asia, Tibet and China. The rug fibers are usually wool or from a natural source that retains rug dye nicely.

Oriental rugs typically use floral or geometric patterns created while hand-knotting the rug. If your Oriental rug needs repair from moth damage or wearing, we match the colours and patterns. We also do the best Oriental rug stain treatment and rug shearing if your Oriental rug has been faded by sunlight.

Whether you need Oriental rug for your modern or antique Oriental rug, Master Carpet has you covered. We take care of the rich dyes used to colour the natural Oriental rug. Oriental rugs typically use brilliant red, blue and green colouring. Additionally, most oriental rug cleaning have fringes that needs cleaning. Our company does all the rug cleaning details.