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We have resumed our normal operating hours.

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Mississauga is the largest city neighbouring Toronto and is known for its heritage buildings and innovative architecture, such as the Absolute World” condominiums. This great city deserves the best rug cleaning services available to Toronto and the GTA. Over our 30 year history, Master Carpet has cleaned hundreds of thousands of rugs from Mississauga.

We clean all types of rugs including silk rugs, wool rugs, hallways runners, area rugs, antique rugs, cotton rugs, synthetic rugs, Persian rugs, Oriental rugs, Turkish rugs, polyester rugs, banana silk rugs, bamboo silk rugs, handwoven rugs, accent rugs, bathroom area rugs and more.

Do you have an ELTE rug? We are delighted to specialize in ELTE rug cleaning and silk rug cleaning. We also offer rug repair, rug restoration, rug deodorizing, rug stain treatment, pet deodorizing, and rug protection services.

The Latest Rug Equipment and Technology

Only the best rug cleaning and restoration equipment should be used on your rug. This ensures that all your rug care gets done professionally so there are no problems later. Do you need specialized rug repairs? Our rug cleaning facility houses several rug repair work stations. Here we provide you with rug shearing, rug resizing, rug stretching, moth rug treatment, rug pile restoration and more.

Your rug cleaning is done with tried and true rug cleaning methods. Our methods effectively remove dirt and soils from your rug. All our rugs are washed first before your rug repair, rug deodorizing and rug protection services. This keeps your rug free of contaminants and keeps our facility clean. Any residues on your rug will affect treatments such as stain removal services.

We are well experienced in rug repair and rug restoration. These services are done for your rug with a blend of traditional and modern techniques and tools. Many types of rug crafting can’t be replaced and have been around since rugs were first made. For example, handwoven rugs techniques are still the best when it comes to pile restoration. On the other hand rug shearing is better with a machine to get all the rug pile evenly cut. Get the top rug repair service in Mississauga and the GTA!

Why We Are The Best

Master carpet has cleaned hundreds of thousands of rugs of different material, age and history. Not only do we clean your household rugs, but we also clean rugs for commercial rug dealers in Toronto and across Canada. We are trusted and recommended by the ELTE company for cleaning their exquisite rug imports. We are also the only facility in Toronto to specialize in bamboo silk rug and banana silk rug cleaning. This require special care to prevent damages.

Our customers are important to us and we do our best to answer all your rug cleaning and rug repair questions. Fine crafted rugs need expertise to give them the best rug care possible. When you choose Master Carpet, you’re entrusting your rugs to rug experts with more than 30 years of experience. We are a third generation rug craftsman that learned the family business. Before operating in Toronto we repaired and cleaned antique rugs at the Louvre Museum in Paris.

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