Leather Couch Protector

Protection For Leather

Leather is an exquisite material that wears well with time. To fully enjoy it it’s recommended that you apply MicroSeal protection. The MicroSeal formula is perfect for protecting your leather goods whether it’s leather furniture, leather accessories or leather clothing -MicroSeal can protect your treasured item. The formula works by penetrating the pores of the leather and creating a strong protective layer to defend against a variety of damages.

The protective MicroSeal features include waterproofing, stain proofing, sun protection and more. This formula also strengthens material to make it more resilient against regular wear and abrasions due to regular use. Unprotected leather can crack, fade, wear out and discolour. This ruins the money you invested in buying your product. This is all the more reason to protect your leather good with professional MicroSeal protection. It’s no wonder it’s the number one choice of for luxury hotels, jets and private boats.

Protect your genuine leather goods with the best MicroSeal formula from Master Carpet!