Furniture Stain Protector

Protection For Furniture

Protect your furniture with the best MicroSeal technology. The protective formula guards your couch, love seat, armchair and other furniture from dirt and stains. It also protects the furniture from UV sunlight, mildew, provides static protection, waterproofs the upholstery, strengthen the furniture material. MicroSeal is truly innovative as it provides these protective features without damaging the furniture framework and the upholstery colours.

The MicroSeal formula was first developed for oriental rugs around the 1960s. Today it has been developed to protect your furniture. The formula works by penetrating and encapsulating the couch upholstery materials. When the formula dries it provides multi-protective features and even safeguards the material against wear and abrasion from regular use. Keep your furniture in the best shape it can be!

The best part about the MicroSeal formula is that it is eco-friendly and non-toxic. It doesn’t create harmful chemicals for your home or the environment. It gives you peace of time every time you’ll use your furniture. The protective formula is effective against beverage stains such as coffee, tea, red wine, pop, soda, juice and more. It’s also guards against messy food stains. MicroSeal is great against water-based and oil-based stains because the upholstery doesn’t absorbs these liquids.

Get your furniture the protection it deserves today!