Flokati Rug Cleaning

If a fluffy cloud was a rug, then it would be a flokati rug. These rugs are Greek in origin and the word Flokati refers to flock or shag. These are handwoven thick wool rugs that are denoted by their shaggy appearance and long thick rug pile fibers. A true flokati rug is made out of 100% wool which contains natural lanolin sheep oil. This preserves the wool fibers and makes the rug flame resistant. With proper care and maintenance, a flokati rug can be used for years to come. Other varieties of flokati rugs include synthetic flokati rugs and leather flokati rug varieties.

The benefits of owning a flokati rug are many. Not only does this rug make your home stylish, it also dampens noise, cushions against heavy furniture and have a nice soft deep texture. Wool flokati rugs are naturally flame resistant due to the lanolin sheep oil that stays in the wool fibers. This oil also makes the rug soil resistant and stain resistant.

Flokati rugs need special care when it comes to maintenance and cleaning. This is due to the fact that there is more material to clean. The overall plushness of the rug allows a lot of dirt to be trapped in the material. For this reason, vacuuming should be done slowly and carefully to remove soiling that has gotten closer to the base of the material. If desired, you can straighten tangled wool fibers with a carding comb. If you don’t do maintenance, the long fibers can tangle and matte down. Additionally, flokati rugs require annual professional rug cleaning. This is the only way to deep clean the material.