Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the process take?
Rug cleaning takes approximately one week until your rugs are returned.
Can you pick up and deliver my rugs?
We offer a pick up and delivery service for your rugs.
Can I drop off and pick up my rugs myself?
Yes you can drop off your rug at our facility during business hours.
How often should I have my rugs cleaned?
It is recommended that you clean your rugs once a year. Over cleaning can damage to rug material.
Can you get the pet odor and stains out of my rug?c
Yes we can get out pet odors and stains. Let us know when we pick it up rug or when you drop off your rugs to our facility. We remove all types of smells and stains.
Should I have an underpad for my rug?
It is recommended that you have an under pad for your rug to protect you rug. Under pads keep rugs in place, prevent friction between your rug and the floor, and prevent liquids from soaking into your rug.  There are a few varieties of under pad based on rug location and floor type. Ask us which one is best for your rug.
What type of repairs can you do for my rug?
We do pile restoration, re-fringing, faded fiber replacement, and more based on your rug repairs needs.