Elte Wool Rug Cleaning

Your ELTE wool area rugs are knotted in authentic locations such as India and Iran. ELTE stocks a wide variety of wool rugs including modern wool rugs, vintage wool rugs and antique wool rugs. The vintage and antique rug collection has rugs from 75 to 125 years old. These have been preserved nicely due to excellent rug craftmanship. You’ll have a wonderful selection of wool rugs to choose from!

Wool is a natural insulating material that also dampens noise and retains dye nicely. These rugs are meant to last due to the natural protective lanolin oil contained in the wool fibers. Your ELTE rugs are either 100% wool or blended with fibers such as silk. Wool fibers needs a professional wool cleaning service that uses wool certified products. We provide you the best specialized wool rug cleaning service in Toronto and the GTA!