Drape and Curtain Stain Protector

MicroSeal Protection For Drapes

Drapes and curtains are often overlooked except when we realize they need cleaning. This window accessory is essential for decoration, protecting rugs and furniture from UV sunlight, keeping your home cool and privacy at night. Since drapes are always placed in a window, they can succumb to different environmental damages. These include fading, dust build up and even stains from insects and food spills. To protect your drapes it’s a great idea to invest in MicroSeal protection.

After your drapes have ben cleaned applying MicroSeal formula will give them ample protection. This formula penetrates the fabric material and envelopes the fibers in a gentle protective layer. This is effective against fading from UV sunlight, dust accumulation and various oil-based and water-based stain protection. MicroSeal make your drapes easy to clean and will protect the fabric from wearing out overtime.

MicroSeal is eco-friendly, non-toxics and safe for the environment. It only needs a one time application to a variety of materials such as silk, leather, synthetic, sisal, wool, suede and more.  This formula is also flame resistant, hinders static electricity, waterproof, stain proof and protects against mildew.  MicroSeal is wool safe certified and a number one choice for luxury hotels, jets, private boats, new mattresses, patio furniture and more.