Rugs for your dining room

Rugs for your dining room

Having an area rug in your dining room can add design and comfort to the setting. However there are a few factors to help you decided which rug is the best for you. With that, it is important to keep in mind how the rug needs to be cleaned.

A rug in a dining room should have the dining room table at its center. Symmetry brings balance and aesthetic appeal to room. This also gives even amount of rug space for the people sitting at the table. Keep in mind how much space people have when pulling out their chairs. There should be enough space so the rug edges don’t get caught by the chair legs.

Synthetic material with short pile is a good option for your rug in a dining room setting. This material will not allow liquid spills to soak into the rug. This makes it easier to clean than rugs made of silk or wool. The material is also very durable and can withstand mechanical stress from furniture and chairs.

Dark coloured rugs are good for dining rooms because they don’t readily show dirt and stains. In a living room food is involved and accidents will happen to your rug. Food messes need special cleaning because they can attract bacteria, mold and other pests.

Rugs should be cleaned annually. Over-washing them can damage and weaken rug pile. There are professional companies for rug cleaning Toronto that can get the food stains out. Professional rug cleaners will give your rug a deep cleaning to ensure that all dirt and stains come out.

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