Chinese Wool Rug Cleaning Toronto

Toronto Chinese Wool Rug Cleaning Services

We will pick up your wool rug anywhere in Toronto or GTA and deliver it after cleaning.

Chinese Rug Cleaning

Traditional Chinese wool rugs use a light colour palette usually consisting of yellow, white, apricot and blue colours. They commonly use insignias in the rug patterns along with Buddhist and Taoist motifs. Chinese wool rugs are great for homes and businesses especially in areas that require removal of shoes. The thick wool pile is resilient to heavy foot traffic and also helps dampen noise. Weekly vacuuming will remove soils, dust and dust mites from your wool rug.


Attention to detail when cleaning.

Chinese wool rugs with need special treatment when they are being cleaned. The wool needs to be cleaned with wool safe products and the fibers require specific temperatures to clean appropriately with removing the natural oils. Master Carpet uses gentle but thorough cleaning methods to clean wool rugs. We ensure that dirt is removed from the rug pile. We also take care to clean your wool rugs in the direction of the rug pile. This prevents your Chinese wool rug from being damaged by thinning. Toronto and the GTA have had thousands of rugs cleaned with Master Carpet.