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Chinese silk rugs

Chinese silk rugs are distinguishable by their typical palette of yellow, white, apricot and blue colours and use of insignias. Common pile material can be plant based from bamboo trees or from insect material. These rugs also contain Buddhist and Taoist motif into their patterns.


Difference in design

Chinese rugs differed from other rugs in ancient times due to their uniqueness in design. A lot of time was put into making complex details, fine weaving and placement of motifs. Regular rugs were rectangular but others could be made circular. Additionally, the rugs could apply asymmetrical imagery at the center of the rug. Imagery incorporated in the design usually includes dragons, lions or nature themes.


Keep your rugs vibrant

Silk rugs can accumulate dust and dirt overtime. It happens gradually and it may appear that the pile is fading. In actually the vibrant silk colours underneath are being masked by dust. To maintain your rug’s integrity, have your rug cleaned with a professional rug cleaning service. Cleaning should be done annually. Rugs shouldn’t be cleaned more than once a year because it could damage the pile.


Silky smooth

The advantage of silk is that it has a nice luster that you can’t get from other material. The natural fibers will remain intact if protected from mechanical stress and ultraviolet light. Weekly cleaning can also keep dust and dirt from accumulating into the pile.