Rug maintenance

You’ve just placed your new rug in your home or office location. The next step is to properly maintenance it so that your rug will last for years to come. You should also invest

Proper Rug Storage

At some point a rug owner may have to store their rugs. It can be for several reasons such as switching rugs, moving accommodations or as a temporary measure. Rugs needs to be stored

The advantages of wool rugs

Wool rugs are a great addition to your living environment. These rugs provided a plush texture that feels nice to touch. In addition these rugs are resistant to mechanical stress and are great for

How to clean wool rugs

Wool rugs are great for your home. They are soft with thick pile which feels good on the feet. They’re also good for a space that needs the sound to be dampened. For example
dining room rug

Rugs for your dining room

Having an area rug in your dining room can add design and comfort to the setting. However there are a few factors to help you decided which rug is the best for you. With
rug fringes

Oriental Rug Fringes

Oriental rugs are traditionally made by hand with the use of a loom. They fall into two categories: hand-woven Kelim rugs and hand-knotted pile rugs. The fringes of these rugs depend on the underlying

Stain removal for rugs

  Life will always happen to your rugs. When stains happen it’s important to know the correct steps in taking care of your rug. Overall, it’s best to send your rug out for professional