Most Referred Rug Cleaner in GTA

Elte Rug Cleaning Toronto


#1 Rug Cleaner in GTA

We are proudly number one rug cleaning company in GTA. We have specialized cleaning procedure for each type of area rugs. Even ELTE the biggest hand made area rug seller in Canada refers us to their customers because our work and our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

ELTE is not affiliated with Master carpet cleaning and does not bear any responsibility. For more info for ELTE customers click here. All ELTE area rugs cleaned by Master Carpet Cleaning comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee from Master Carpet Cleaning.

Best Rug Cleaning Services

Master Carpet has over 10 years of experience cleaning thousands of rugs in Toronto and the GTA. We clean rugs of all different sizes and materials. Different rug materials need different care and treatment to get them efficiently clean and prevent damages. Wool rugs need a different treatment than silk rug cleaning.

At Master Carpet we clean with expert cleaning equipment and rug cleaning solutions. We don’t skip rug cleaning details and even clean the rug fringes. Get your rugs expertly clean today with experienced rug cleaning specialists.

Best stain removal services in Toronto

Master carpet is experienced with cleaning all types of rug stains. Rug stains are unsightly and diminish the enjoyment you get out of your rug. Get them removed with our expert stain removal techniques and rug fiber restoration methods.

We remove pet stains for the time your pet has an accident on your rug. We also remove rug stains from beverages like coffee, juice, milk and more. We’re equipped to deal with all types of organic stains and dirt to get it effectively removed from your rug.

Your rug may discolour from a number of different sources such as sunlight, ventilation and general wearing. We can get your rug fibers colour corrected to get renew them to their original condition. Get your rug restored with the rug experts.