Most Referred Rug Cleaner in GTA

#1 ELTE Rug Cleaner in Canada

We proudly represent the #1 rug cleaning company in Toronto and the GTA. Our rug cleaning facility has specialized cleaning for each and every type of rug material. Whether you have a silk rug, wool rug, handmade rug or synthetic rug, we have the expertise to give it a deep but gentle rug cleaning. One of our biggest achievement is having ELTE rugs as our client. ELTE is the biggest seller of handmade rugs in Canada. This company has been importing handwoven luxurious rugs to Canada for over a hundred years. These rugs can only receive rug maintenance and cleaning with experienced master rug cleaners. ELTE refers its customers to us because of the effort we put into rug cleaning and our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. ELTE.COM ELTE is not affiliated with Master Carpet Cleaning and does not bear any responsibility for them. For information for ELTE customers click here. All ELTE area rugs cleaned by Master Carpet Cleaning comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee from Master Carpet Cleaning.

Best Rug Cleaning Services

Master Carpet is a well experienced rug cleaning company that have been in busines in Toronto for over 30 years. We’ve cleaned rugs of all shapes, sizes, materials and ages. We’re able to identify rug origins based on distinctive pattern as well as the quality of rug workmanship. We even care for antique rugs and hand-knotted rugs. We don’t skip the rug cleaning details. Not only are rugs assessed for stains and other cleaning requirements, we also take the time to clean the rug fringes. Other facilities may skip this detail, but we believe all pieces of the rug need care. We know a plush wool rug needs different care than a fine bamboo silk rug. We care about our clients deliver the best customer support possible. Were available to answer all your rug related questions and inquiries.

Best stain removal services for ELTE rugs in Canada

Rug stains happen and when they do our services are here for you. Whether your toddler spilled juice or your pet made a mess, we’ve got you covered. We clean all sorts of rug stains including food stains, beverage stains, synthetic stains, water stains, organic stains, pet stains and more. We’re able to assess the rug fiber material and stains and give your rug the best treatment possible. For best chances of removal all rugs are washed before stain treatments. This removes residues and dry soils that can interfere with the stain removal process. Next, the rug will receive stain treatment appropriate for the stain type and the rug fiber. This has to be exact. For example, wool rugs should not get enzyme-based stain treatment as it can damage the rug fibers. We take care of all type of pet stains. Whether your pet pooped or peed on your rug, we can clean your rug so that it looks like the mess never happened. We’ll take a look at the stains and give you a prognosis. We also deal with pet odors and deep cleaning to remove pet fur.

New Safety Measures

We’re working hard to keep you safe. When we pick up and drop off your ELTE rugs, our workers will wear N95 masks that don’t contain exhalation valves. If masks have this valve, it will protect the wearer, but not people around them who aren’t wearing a mask. We care about protecting our customers from this risk and make sure our workers have the best PPE. We also maintain social distancing and other safety measures recommended by Health Canada in order to flatten the curve.

Rug Protection On Request

After cleaning and drying your rugs, they will be individually wrapped packaging. This creates a protective barrier to safeguard against cross-contamination. It can safeguard against allergens such as dust and pollen. Allergens can land on your rug without a protective barrier in place.

Vehicle Disinfection

Our vehicles for rug pick up and drop off are disinfected several times a day. We use top grade botanical disinfectant solutions that are known to kill viruses. We use only certified disinfectant products that have a registered Drug Identification Number (DIN). These products are certified to be used in Canada. Proper disinfection of our rug transport vehicles keeps our workers and clients safe from COVID-19.