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Banana Silk Rugs

Banana silk rugs are a fine item to furnish your home with. The natural fibers are made out of plant based cellulose material. Rugs made of this material have a beautiful sheen and vibrant colours. These rugs are light weight and require special cleaning to maintain the integrity of the pile. Our company is the only place that provides cleaning for banana silk rugs.


Cleaning banana silk

We have the experience and the expertise so your rug is returned to you clean and in top condition. Banana silk rugs are delicate and need specific water temperature for cleaning. Careful procedures prevent the silk rug from warping, thinning, dye bleeding or fading.
Banana silk rugs need cleaning from an experienced professional. Our company can remove all sorts of stains from your rug. In addition, we can remove unwanted odours from anything from food to bacteria smells. Our experts can assess your rug and analyze the areas that require special cleaning.

Interesting facts about banana silk

-The natural cellulose fiber of banana silk will repel water. This prevents stains from settling into your rug.
-Banana silk rugs take longer to fabricate because of the delicate fibers. The fibers need to be obtained from banana tree wood. Then they require a lengthy dying technique to obtain colour. The fine fibers then need to be woven into patterns
-The natural fiber of banana silk is a better alternative for people who are allergic to wool. The short silk pile will also prevent dirt from accumulating into your rug.