Silk Rug Cleaning


There is nothing worse than spilling coffee or juice on your favorite area rug. This is even worse if it’s a fine silk rug. At Master Carpet, our professional rug technicians are trained to take care of any type of rug cleaning situation whether it is a small stain or a big juice spill. Stains always happen, but they don’t have to be permanent. Give us a call today to have all of your banana and bamboo silk rugs cleaned to professionally. We’re the only rug cleaning facility in Toronto who knows how to care for these exquisite silk rugs.

Cleaning bamboo and banana silk tapestry takes specific cleaning and hard work. Our trained cleaners know exactly how to get the job done right. Whether it be a handmade banana silk carpet or a bamboo silk carpet, you are leaving your favorite tapestry in good hands. Fine silk needs fine treatment to ensure no damage comes to the silk. Rest assured that your fine silk rugs are in good hands when you choose Master Carpet. We ensure that all our customers are always left with a smile on their face.

We responsibly use environmentally friendly, organic, non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning agents to clean all carpets and area rugs. This includes our bamboo and banana silk rug cleaning treatments.

Our top of the line carpet cleaning products are made to give your rugs the deepest clean possible. We have all types of options for stain removal and we use only the best eco-friendly cleaning solution. This means that if you or anyone in your household has any type of allergies, we will clean the rugs with that solution and it won’t emit any fragrances or allergy triggers.