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Bamboo silk rugs

Bamboo rugs are made out of delicate material from bamboo wood. The fine material is popular for its soft feel and brilliant sheen. You don’t get this quality from wool or synthetic material. The downside is that bamboo silk rugs require professional cleaning. Don’t worry! Our company has years of experience handling fine bamboo rugs.

Cleaning for bamboo rugs

Rugs made from bamboo silk require extra care in order to prevent unwanted damage. Our company handles bamboo rugs with care so that they aren’t exposed to harsh chemical or hard brushing. The fine pile fibers are dealt with care. In addition, bamboo silk require specific temperatures to prevent, warping or wrinkling in your rug. Bamboo rugs have to be dried in a temperature controlled room as well.


How often should I clean my rug?

Silk rug will accumulate dust and dirt overtime. This is why bamboo silk rugs should be placed in a low traffic area. The silk material will show shading in areas where dirt has built up. Bamboo silk rugs should be cleaned once a year. This will maintain the rug fibers and keep the rug colours looking vibrant. In addition, the rug should be vacuumed with low suction weekly to prevent dirt accumulation.