Armenian Wool Rug Cleaning Toronto

Armenian Wool Rug Cleaning Services In Toronto

We will pick up your Armenian wool rug anywhere in Toronto or GTA and deliver it after cleaning.

Armenian Rug Cleaning

Symmetric and geometric or rectilinear patterns are typical features or Armenian wool rugs. These rugs use rich dark colours such as deep reds, dark blues, yellow and gold. The rug uses an outer border around a central area decorated with the main themes. Wool rugs are practical for providing a layer between feet and cold hard floors. They are also good for dampening excess noise in stairways and hallways. Armenian wool rugs are most often featured in living rooms and bedrooms.

Rug Maintenance

To preserve your wool rugs it is recommended that it is washed once a year. This will help maintain the integrity of the wool pile so that your rug will last for years to come. Master Carpet has cleaned thousands of Armenian wool rugs in Toronto and the GTA using our professional cleaning methods. We know the technique to clean the rich dye material without damage. Your wool rug will receive a gentle but thorough cleaning. Our methods ensure that your wool rug won’t be damaged by bleeding or fading of the pile dyes. We also have advanced methods to ensure that your rug dries fast and efficiently after deep rug cleaning.