Area Rug Scotchguarding



Scotchgard (also known as Scotchguard) was discovered in 1952 by chemists Patsy Sherman, and  Samuel Smith. It was an accidental discovery. The two were trying to develop new rubber for jet fuel lines. Instead they invented 3M’s first stain repellant and soil release textile treatment.After your rug is thoroughly cleaned, scotchgard solutions can be applied upon request.

Scotchgard acts a repellent from liquids and water and keeps it from soaking into the carpet fibers. It’s ideal for pets and rugs located in dining room areas. This solution helps protect rugs from future liquid spills. It also hinders dirt from accumulating into the rug and makes for an easier mess clean up. Scotchgard is great for rugs made from synthetic material such as polyester, polyolefin, polypropylene, acrylic, nylon and coloured wool. However, it is NOT recommended for Oriental rugs or white wool rugs.

Scotchgard should be applied after deep rug cleaning.