The advantages of wool rugs

The advantages of wool rugs

Wool rugs are a great addition to your living environment. These rugs provided a plush texture that feels nice to touch. In addition these rugs are resistant to mechanical stress and are great for your kids to play on. Kids will spend time doing different activities on your rugs for extended periods of time. This is also why living rooms are usually a good location for wool rugs.

Wool rugs provide other benefits such providing a barrier between hard flooring such as tiles. They also dampen sound which is useful in rooms that have an echo. It is also useful when a room is facing the street and there is traffic. In living rooms, wool rugs can dampen the sounds from the tv so noise won’t travel and disturb people in other rooms.

Wool rugs require weekly maintenance. This involves vacuuming it two to three times a week to remove dusts and dirt. This also prevents pests such as dust mites or silverfish from staying in your rug. A brushroll setting should be used to remove hair and pet fur.

In addition to this, your rugs should be sent out to be cleaned annually by a professional rug cleaner. There are many reputable wool rug cleaners in Toronto that can cater to your rug cleaning needs. Having your rugs professional cleaned will maintain the integrity of your rug so that it lasts for many years to come. Proper rug cleaning will help prevent asthma and allergy symptoms. Eco-friendly rug cleaning will also prevent irritation form harsh chemicals and it will help care for the environment.

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