Getting the right rug for your living room

Getting the right rug for your living room

Living rooms are a great comforting space in your home. A lot of time will be spent in this area with friends and family. With the amount of people coming and going overtime the living room will get a lot of foot traffic. This will track dirt into your rug. Food stains are also more likely to occur. The living room space will require the right kind of rug.
The best type of rug to get for the living room space is a short pile rug. It will be easier to clean out fur and pet dander. Liquid spills won’t be readily absorbed into the rug materials and will be easier to remove with paper towels. Synthetic rugs will also deal better with mechanical stress exerted by foot traffic and furniture.

The next best rug to get is a plush rug. If you have kids, pets or even if you just like to be barefoot this will feel nice to the touch. Kids tend to do more activity on rugs and they will be more comfortable on a thick wool rug. Wool rugs also damp sound and as good especially if the living room has an echo.

Eventually your rug will need to be cleaned. There are professional rug cleaners in Toronto to help you will the task. Rugs should be cleaned once a year by a reputable rug cleaning company. They are able to deal with rug stains, odor removal and much more. Experienced professional can help you with any rug related needs. Area rug cleaning will be done quick and efficiently to remove all the dirt that have accumulated overtime.

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