The benefits of silk rugs

The benefits of silk rugs

Silk rugs are amazing art pieces for your home. They’re unique in the fact that they have a brilliant sheen as well as vivid colours. The sheen comes from the natural silk fibers which can come from a number of sources. The sources of silk can come from spiders, moth cocoons, banana trees or bamboo trees.

The natural fibers make silk rugs for people with allergies. The fibers hinder dust and dirt accumulation as well as preventing dust mites. The silk fibers also last for long periods of time if they are properly maintained. There are a few simple steps to loving your silk rug.

Silk rugs need special rug cleaning. Since they have short pile rugs they should not be placed in areas with high foot traffic. Heavy furniture should not be placed on them either as it damages the pile. Direct sunlight might also cause them to fade. Since silk rugs are delicate many end up being placed on walls.

The silk rugs should be vacuumed weekly to remove any dust and dirt accumulation. The vacuum shouldn’t use a brush roll setting as it can damage the pile and cause thinning. The suction on the vacuum should also be low so the silk pile isn’t subjected to a lot of mechanical stress.

In addition to these steps, silk rugs should be cleaned once a year by a professional rug cleaning service. There are many professional silk rug cleaning services in Toronto. However, only Master Carpet specializes in silk rug cleaning. Experts know the care that needs to go into silk rug cleaning. Improper inexperienced cleaning for your silk rugs could cause irreversible damage. You want your silk rug cleaned by experts.

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