Proper Rug Storage

Proper Rug Storage

At some point a rug owner may have to store their rugs. It can be for several reasons such as switching rugs, moving accommodations or as a temporary measure. Rugs needs to be stored properly and there are important steps to do before the task gets done.

Your rug needs to be cleaned before it is stored. Dirty rugs can attract pests such as moths and silverfish. These pests will eat at rug fibers and potentially ruin your rug so that it needs repairs. In poorly climate controlled places dampness can cause mould and deterioration of rug material.

Toronto rug cleaners often have rug storage available. When you have your rug cleaned at a reputable rug cleaning business ask about storage options. If no rug storage is available they can still prepare your rug for it. First rugs are cleaned, dried and rolled up. Then the outside area is covered with a sheet of brown paper. The sheet is secured with string to keep it in place

The sheet of paper provides a barrier against dust. It keeps dust from settling into the rug material and keeps the rug clean. The paper allows the rug material breathe and protects it. Plastic material doesn’t allow adequate air circulation and allows the growth of anaerobic bacteria.

Regular rug maintenance requires a regular vacuuming schedule to remove dirt that has settled during the week. Hard to reach areas should be cleaned with a wand extension piece. Rugs should be cleaned annually with experienced rug cleaning professionals.

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