How to clean wool rugs

How to clean wool rugs

Wool rugs are great for your home. They are soft with thick pile which feels good on the feet. They’re also good for a space that needs the sound to be dampened. For example in a room that echoes or there is traffic outside. They’re also ideal for hallways and steps for similar reasons. Because wool rugs are unique their plush pile and they need proper care when they are being cleaned.

Regular maintenance means having a weekly vacuuming schedule. Rugs should be vacuumed twice a week or three times if the wool rug is placed in a heavy traffic area. Since wool rugs have thick pile dirt, dust and hair can get trapped in the rug fibers. Your vacuum should have a brush roll setting to help lift out the dirt from the rug. Each section of the rug should be vacuumed slowly twice.

Another good habit to keeping excess dirt from your rug is not to have shoe son while walking on it. Shoes tend to track more dirt from outside than just bare feet. Have your pets paws cleaned or wiped against a mat before coming in the house as well.

Your wool rug should be sent out to a professional rug cleaning service in Toronto. The thick heavy pile can only be properly cleaned with special machinery. It is also hard to clean wool rugs because they will get heavy as the fibers will soak in more water. Professional rug cleaners will able to manage these challenges for you with great results.

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