Flood Relief for rugs

Flood Relief for rugs

Flooding can happen at any possible time and can catch you off guard. Once the flood source is handled there is a lot of damage repair to look after. Your rugs need a lot of attention so that they don’t become permanently damaged.

It’s important that you schedule a rug cleaning pick up immediately. Your rug could acquire mould and bacteria growth over a period of three days. Don’t roll up your rugs or bunch them up. The material can’t breathe and it provides conditions for pest growth.

Lay the rug flat with a plastic sheet underneath. In cold weather it’s practical to place the rug in the garage because of the cold conditions. In the summer hang the rug outside over a fence, clothes line or lay it flat on pavement or a patio. The rug material needs to air out.

If the rug material can’t breathe pests can grow and the rug material can be permanently damaged. Don’t layer wet rugs on top of each other. This prevents air circulation and the rug dye can bleed and stain the rug colours.

You can lightly dust the rugs with baking soda. This helps absorb moisture and some of the odors of the rug. This hinders the growth of possible pests as well. Our professional Toronto rug cleaners can deal fast and effectively with your rugs. Deep cleaning methods will ensure that the flood damage is temporary. Your rugs will be returned to you clean and smelling fresh.

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