Herbs you can use for rug cleaning

Herbs you can use for rug cleaning

When phasing out your regular cleaning solutions for something more natural, it’s a good idea to know what herbs you can use instead. Cleaning herbs smell pleasant and won’t emit an overwhelming odor. Herbs will degrade naturally overtime and won’t release any harsh chemical into the environment. Herbs that can be used for rug are essential.

as a disinfectant and deodorizer. Combining lavender oil and baking soda can make an effective rug powder. This can be applied after vacuuming to your rugs so that they continue smelling fresh.

If your rug has a sour scent to it, this can indicate the presence of bacteria. Eucalyptus and tea tree oil herbs have antibacterial properties. Oil drops of these herbs can be collected in a spray bottle with water. Mist your rug with this natural cleaning solution to get rid of bacteria.

Your rugs should be sent out once a year to a professional rug cleaner. Eco-friendly rug cleaning is available to help maintain your health and protect the environment. Toronto rug cleaners offer this eco-friendly cleaning service using green cleaning solutions.

Professional rug cleaners use eco-friendly solutions that are pH balanced. Water is also softened to use rug cleaning water that free of regular tap water contaminants. Toronto rug cleaning professionals can handle all your rug cleaning needs. Rug cleaning experts know how to properly handle any type of rug. Get Toronto rug cleaning services today and see the quality.

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