With over 30 years of experience, Master Carpet gives you the best rug cleaning service in Toronto. We are highly knowledgeable about effective rug cleaning and have cleaned hundreds of thousands of rug. We know our material and can clean all types of silk rugs, wool rugs, oriental rugs, Persian rugs, handcrafted rugs, antique rugs, synthetic rugs, handwoven rugs, hook rugs, cotton rugs, polyester rugs and more.

Oriental Rug Cleaning

We treasure your oriental rug as much as you do. Whether you have a handmade wool rug or a silk oriental rug, we will take care of it with the highest industry standards.

Wool Rug Cleaning

Wool rugs have the most durable natural fiber rugs. We use the same techniques for rug washing that have been used for hundreds of years combined with new modern rug cleaning techniques.

Persian Rug Cleaning

When it comes to Persian rugs, we have decades of experience cleaning and repairing these handcrafted masterpieces. Rest assured your wool and silk Persian rugs are in the hands of our best rug masters.

Silk Rug Cleaning

We know you love your silk rug for its shine and unprecedented soft texture. Our cleaning process and products will ensure your silk rug keeps its silky softness for years to come.

Cowhide Rug Cleaning

Cowhide and sheepskin rug cleaning are best left for professional rug cleaners. We have custom formulated cleaning products that specifically meet requirements for all your hide rugs.

Flokati Rug Cleaning

We understand that people run into problems when it comes to fluffy flokati rug cleaning. That’s why you should leave cleaning your beautiful flokati rugs our experienced rug cleaning service.

Serving Toronto & The Entire GTA

Our premium rug cleaning is available to you in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Yorkville, Markham, Vaughan, Aurora, Etobicoke and the GTA since 1989! We offer swift rug drop off and pickup services to save you time and energy. You can also choose to drop off your rug at our facility. We are open 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday from 9-4, for your convenience. To keep you Toronto’s environment healthy, we uses Eco-friendly rug cleaning solutions. This ensures that our rug cleaning services are safe for you, babies, pets, children, family members, the elderly and the plants. We believe Eco-friendly rug cleaning is the responsible way to clean your rugs because it helps us do our part in protecting our environment.

The Latest Rug Equipment and Technology

We use expert rug cleaning and repair equipment to handle all your rug care needs. Our open facility gives you a firsthand look at our work. It also makes your rug drop off and pick up quick and easy. In our facility we use our custom made rug cleaning machine. All your rugs go through cleaning before stain treatment to maintain the cleanliness of our facility. Our rug facility has a rug drying section, rug storage area and rug repair stations. We use only professional grade rug equipment to attend to all your rug care needs. Our company invests in traditional and new rug care techniques to give you service done right. We are a third-generation rug master! This means we can assist you with all your rug care needs. With our experienced we have seen all types of rug material, rug repair, rug stains and more. Try out our services and give your rugs the best rug cleaning in Toronto!

Dependable Rug Cleaning and Restoration Service

Are you in need of rug repair services? Look no further. Master Carpet offers you more than just rug cleaning. We provide you with a great variety of rug services including rug stretching, rug resizing and custom sized area rugs. These processes take time and expertise to ensure your rug request is fulfilled with no rug damage. We repair residential rugs! You wouldn’t get your car serviced by an inexperienced mechanic. With your cherished rugs you should only see our experienced rug technicians.  Our technicians are well seasoned in all types of rug repair including advanced rug pile shearing techniques for sun damaged rugs. You can also give your rug protection and rug moth proofing treatment. Protecting your rugs means having the right rug underpad for them. We offer the sale of a variety of specialized rug underpads to protect your rug from furniture, mechanical stress and heavy foot traffic. Just ask us and we will direct you to the correct rug underpad based on your unique rug needs.

New Safety Measures

Our company is working hard to keep you safe during COVID-19. We have safe rug delivery measures in place to protect you and your family from the virus. When we pick up and drop off your rugs, our workers will wear N95 masks. We care about protecting you from the virus and make sure our workers have the best PPE. Our company also maintains social distancing and other safety measures recommended by Health Canada and the CDC. It’s recommended that you clean your rugs every year.

Rug Protection On Request

For your protection, your rugs will be individually wrapped and packaged after cleaning. This creates a protective barrier for your rugs to protect you against cross-contamination. This process protects you against coronavirus, dust, and allergy particles in the air, so you don’t have any allergy symptoms after.

Vehicle Disinfection

Our vehicles for rug pick up and drop off are disinfected several times a day. Our company keeps you safe with top grade botanical disinfectant solutions to kill viruses. We use only certified disinfectant products that have a registered Drug Identification Number (DIN) and are approved by Health Canada. Proper disinfection of our rug transport vehicles keeps you and our workers safe from COVID. We follow the recommended COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Why We Are The Best

With over 30 years of experience, we provide dependable rug services you and to thousands of customers in Toronto and the GTA. We care for rugs from over 1000 commercial rug dealers (wholesale and retail) across Canada. When you clean your rug with us, it received professional rug treatment at the hands of the best rug masters in Toronto. Customer communication is important to us and can answer all your rug care questions.  You’ll have questions about rug cleaning and prices, and we’ll be glad to answer them. Do you need a rug appraisal? No problem, we can give you rug appraisals on the spot to determine the value of your rug for replacement reasons, insurance and more. It’s a great way to determine the find out the value of your beautiful handwoven rugs. Try Our Excellent Rug Services Today!


Master Carpet Cleaning has solutions for all your rug cleaning and rug repair. Need the best rug cleaning prices and advanced rug care techniques? Look no further than the best area rug cleaning services in Toronto. Mobile cleaning services available right at your doorstep. Free pick-up and rug delivery services are included for your convenience. Does you have rug stains? We have expert knowledge for all rug stain and spot removal for Oriental rugs, Wool rugs, Persian rugs, synthetic rugs, silk rugs, tapestries and more. Carpet Cleaning, Rug Repair services and Rug Refringing are available to you. We have all the tools & facilities for all your area rug needs done right.

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My wife and I contacted Master Carpet Cleaning after receiving a recommendation from the store where we purchased the carpet. We had only received our carpet a few days prior to it being stained by one of the tradespeople entering our home. As you can imagine, we were incredibly disappointed and upset to have our brand new white carpet stained with grease. We attempted to remove the stain ourselves which only seemed to worsen the situation. After contacting the company and explaining the situation, the owner was very sympathetic and fit us in his schedule even though this was an extremely busy time of year for him and his company. After his first visit, the stain was 90% better and he showed us the amount of grease he meticulously removed from the carpet. He clearly explained to us in advance that the stain may take more than 1 visit to completely remove and that we needed to let the carpet dry to be able to see the true final results. After another two visits, what was once a total eye sore in a beautiful space, is now gone. My wife and I are so pleased we contacted Master Carpet Cleaning and could not be happier with the results. Master Carpet Cleaning was courteous, professional and accommodating throughout the entire process and we appreciate all of their hard work. We would highly recommend them to anyone who needs carpet cleaning.

Damian W

I had 2 area rugs to be cleaned, 6 x 9 & 6.10×8.96, both wool the larger rug was a vintage rug, I called Elte because that is where they were purchased from 10 years ago. I just asked who they used for their rugs, because they will not recommend anyone, They told me Master Carpet. When the rugs were picked up the representative from Master Carpet was very professional and told me they would call when the rugs were ready to be delivered which they did in a timely manner. I was very pleased with the outcome of my rugs and Deroose made sure they were put down properly and helped me with putting my furniture back. my rugs had never been cleaned , I have had them for 10 years and I do not have any animals, the stains were regular use of the carpet. I won’t leave them not cleaned as long as I have….I will call Master Carpet for a cleaning again in 2 years. Very satisfied with the service, price and how great my carpets look.

Joyce Popovich

Master Carpet Cleaning is a terrific business, with first class service and excellent quality work. They were recommended to us and we were very happy with their work on two area rugs. I am also very happy to recommend them for your carpet cleaning needs.

Heaton Dyer

My dog had surgery and unfortunately urinated on our recently purchase silk rug. I tried everything to remove the stain the including having a carpet cleaning service come to my home but the stain would not come out. I thought my rug was permanently ruined. The home carpet cleaner recommended Master carpet cleaner so I immediately took the rug over to them. They were friendly and assured me that they would get the rug clean and the stain out. They did!! The rug looks better than when we got it really, there is no evidence of the stain at all. I would highly recommend using Master Carpet Cleanings that if you need your rug cleaned or have a stain that will not come out. Exceptional Job!!!

Sid Soil