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Master Carpet Cleaning has solutions for all your Rug & Carpet cleaning and repair problems. We provide the best area rug cleaning services in Toronto at affordable prices and using the most advanced techniques. Mobile cleaning services available at your door step. Free pick up and delivery services. We have expert knowledge for all stain and spot removal for Oriental Wool, Persian rugs, synthetic rugs, silk rugs and tapestries. Cleaning & Repair services available, and Rug Refringing. We have all the tools & facilities for all your carpet needs.

Our Services

We offer the following carpet and rug services in Toronto and the GTA

Rug & Carpet Cleaning Services

We provide excellent cleaning for your carpet, Persian, Oriental, silk, or wool  rugs by removing all dust, dirt, and fiber accumulated at the base of the pile. Gentle hand washing is done with a safe, Eco-friendly, pH balanced carpet cleaning agent. As a result, rugs come out good as new. Master Carpet Cleaning provides quality rug services with its professional staff and years of experience. We do our best to ensure our clients are always happy and satisfied with our services.

Pet Odor Control

We all love our furry friends, but we don’t love the “accidents” they sometimes leave behind on the carpet! Cat urine, dog urine, feces, vomit and fur, are expected on the carpet at one time or another. The trick is knowing what to do when you encounter these situations so you can minimise the damage and ensure your carpets remain safe and hygienic for the rest of the family. If this is your case - don't hesitate to call us!

Reapir & Restoration Services

Every rug is a unique piece of art. Our skilled expert repairmen can perform the most intricate repairs and restorations on your rugs. Our staff are highly qualified weavers with in-depth knowledge of colors, textures and composition to repair and restore your rug, no matter its age or condition. We have expertise on fine antique carpets, as well as hand knotted rugs & kilims. We repair holes, restore faded color in worn spots, refringe ends, reserge sides, alter sizes, and much more!

Banana Silk Rug & Bamboo silk rug cleaning

We provide excellent bamboo and banana silk rug cleaning services in Toronto. Cleaning starts with the removal of dust and dirt that has accumulated at the base of the carpet. The rug is then gently hand washed with a special, Eco-friendly rug cleaning detergent. This detergent has a neutral ph level to prevent any color bleeding. We are able to remove all stains from any carpet with our specially formulated cleaning solutions.

Rug & Carpet Stain Removal

Our technicians can remove most stains, whether it be the kids spilling juice on the carpet at home, or red wine stains on the restaurant floor or even ink on the office carpet. Our experience and knowledge gained through industry training, allows us to correctly identify the different types of fibres and stains. Our Canadian customers can trust us to determine the best stain removal process for their unique situation and deliver the best outcome. We ensure no fading or discoloration of the rug fibers.

Rug & Carpet Dyes Restoration Service

Repairing your rugs requires skill, experience and someone who loves Rugs. The faithful restoration of Oriental Rugs and Carpets is a time consuming activity, and the error many make is in the use of modern mass production techniques. At Master Carpet Cleaning, we use traditional rug care techniques and vegetable dyes to colour rugs and carpets. Careful craftmanship allows quality rug restoration.

Rug & Carpet Protection Services

Our highly trained and experienced staff are update to date with the latest in rug protection technology. Applying a protective solution to your rug or carpet will preserve the richness and quality of your carpet. As a result, carpets will look and feel great and thelife of your carpet will be extended for many years to come. Our professional Service preserve and maintain the value of your Rug. Master Carpet Cleaning here to help with all your rug & carpet protection needs.

Rug Moth Proofing

Master Carpet cleaning provides specialized moth proofing services in Toronto. After a deep cleaning, the rug is treated with special moth proofing solution that is hard on moths but still good for the environemnt. This treatment should be done every five years for frequently used carpets. If the carpet is stored, it should done every year to prevent moth infestation.


We provide informative rug apraisal services for all kinds of rugs includeing Persian and Oriental rugs. Each rug is unique with its own history and craftmenship which helps recognize its value. We have years of experience and extensive knowledge about materials, history, patterns and rug making procedures. For accurate appraisals each rug has to be inspected in person by a experienced rug expert.

rug Underpad Sale

Master Carpet Cleaning has various custom made underpads available. We can give expert advice on which underpad is best suited for you. Having the right underpad helps maintain the quality of your rug. The underpad will prevent your rug from slipping, make it easier to vacuum and will add extra cushioning to the rug.